Noir Belge Exhibition

15 December 2018

Seven years ago I visited a Black Marble mine 50km outside Brussels in Belgium.

I was taken 70 meters underground to see it being mined.

My quest for this marble arose several years ago when I brought back a long slender piece from Italy and loved its pure velvety blackness when it was polished.

It is extremely expensive to procure a block of it so I went in search of offcuts (the remnants left from the smooth perfect cuts which line the walls).

I acquired a cubic meter of offcuts, transported it home and slowly carved the 8 pieces for the exhibition.

It is easily fractured as it is formed in sedimented layers, so carving is often met with the need for a sudden change in the intended form and lots of grinding a painstaking polishing.

The 8 pieces included:

Midnight Dreaming
Morning’s Glory
Night Shadows
Point Du Jour – Daybreak
Haven for Dispossessed Souls
Night Watch